Network Security 2016

February 16, 2016 jordan No comments exist

Over the summer I completed the ec-council Certified Ethical Hacker  course which was subsidised by the NSW government. The course ran on Sundays 9-4pm for 5 weeks covering subjects including reconnaissance, social engineering,  session hijacking,  denial of service and hacking various platforms. I was very impressed by the sheer volume of resources provided to us including detailed textbooks, virtual labs, hacking tools and a well respected teacher. I couldn’t I asked for better study material for my final year of uni. That being said the course is way overpriced and is not worth it unless you have a sponsor.

During my final year of my course I will be studying subjects including advanced network security, mobile security, emerging technology and two major projects. For my individual project I’m looking to explore security vulnerabilities in current drone technology  which I’m sure I will cover in this blog while for my group project we are evaluating several possibilities including network power monitor as a hacking attack vector, fibre optics wiretapping and various forms of GPS location.

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