FPV 10.4.16

April 10, 2016 jordan No comments exist

Today I went out to test out Rate mode and do some FPV flips and roll.

I have been flying my autonomous drone and forgot to change the transmitter pitch inversion back and when I went to change it I accidentally inverted the throttle while it was armed! Luckily only two propellers were on so it just flipped but I did almost burn out a motor before I was able to disarm it.

After that close call I did some line of sight flying to get used to stabilising flips and roll, at the moment it is set to 1 flip a second, which is a little slow but is easily to level out. I think I will change it to 2 flips a second and change the mode to ratittude instead so I will be able to level out easier.

I uploaded my last flight which was being flown FPV, unfortunately I lost the video feed half way through the flip and crashed. Luckily it was all good.

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