Flight Log 23.3.16

March 28, 2016 jordan No comments exist

Last Wednesday I went to the local park to check PID values and start moving away from stabilised modes towards rate modes. Before the flight I changed the stabilised mode to more aggressive to suit FPV flying and increased the PID values. I noticed a big difference in the tightness of turns and responsiveness, but did notice instability when losing altitude rapidly as you can see near the end of the video.

This week in between loads of uni work and a few camping trips I have been doing an overhaul of the setting of the quad and deciding the future setup which I will be detailing extensively in the next flight log. Also in the near future I will be doing some videos about my FPV gear and setup as well as product reviews.

In the video you will notice the quad flying around a 400m track in 29 seconds which averages out to 50km per hour. I’m hoping to greatly improve that time in future flights.

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