Flight log 21.2.16

February 21, 2016 jordan No comments exist

I went to my local park to practice my flips after modifying my FPV goggles from a 4.3″ screen to a 5″screen and hardwiring my 5.8Ghz receiver to my AV DVR.

Unfortunately was no good and was just getting a blue screen so I will have to check that out. So instead I was practicing flips with line of sight and had a light crash after coming out of a loop to low.

I broke my 2.4Ghz receiver and lost some gimbal dampeners. The reason I broke the receiver was because I had soldered on a rubber ducky antenna I hope to get better reception. It worked but made it weak so I won’t do that again.

What I learnt from today: all gimbal dampeners need to be cabled tied to prevent losing them and not to solder on SMA adaptors to receiver boards.

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